Utica Metal Products

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About Us


Incorporated in 1956 as a manufacturer of stampings and nameplates, Utica Metal Products has grown to be a major supplier of cloisonné, aluminum, and brass products to the decorative hardware, agricultural, plumbing, automotive, motorcycle, truck, and award medallion markets.

Utica Metal Products has full tooling capability from CAD design to tool construction. Tooling for all products is designed and built in house using CNC and EDM technologies.

Cloisonné is made by fusing molten glass to metal. It is an ancient process which has been practiced for centuries and was originally intended for making jewelry and other art objects.

Utica Metal Products’ cloisonné emblems are produced from a copper based alloy that is die-struck (stamped) in multiple steps to achieve the desired size and shape. Features are then filled with colored powdered glass. The emblem is fired at high temperatures to melt the powder and fuse the glass to the metal. The excess surface glass is removed and the emblem is re-fired to produce an even layer of non-fading, scratch resistant colored glass. The emblem is buffed and polished before it goes through a nickel-chrome plating process to ensure a bright corrosion resistant surface.

Utica Metal Products’ aluminum emblems are produced from highly pure aluminum. After the emblem is stamped to the desired size and shape, it is polished, anodized and painted, or plated. When paint is required, a 2-component automotive approved exterior paint is applied and baked to ensure a durable weather resistant coating.

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