Utica Metal Products

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Utica Metal Products Inc.


Utica Metal Products is a manufacturer of high quality decorative and functional forgings specializing in; cloisonne (decorative glass) and enamel emblems, aluminum and gilded forgings and stamped accessories.

Utica Metal Products supplies emblems, fuel doors and wheel caps to major automotive, truck and motorcycle manufacturers.

Let our team of skilled artisans and crafts people create unique glass or painted emblems that reflect the quality of your product and brand.

Browse our galleries and contact us for more information.

Cloisonné Emblems

cloisonne emblems

Medallions and badges for automotive,
truck and motorcycle industries.

Aluminum Emblems

aluminum emblems

High purity aluminum emblems. Polished, painted,
and/or anodized for color and contrast.

Mixed Emblems

mixed emblems

Combination of Cloisonné & Aluminum
in a distinctive assembly.

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